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About LEGO®-Based Therapy

Image by Vlad Hilitanu

LEGO® Based Therapy is an evidence-based programme that encourages the development of communication, social skills and self-esteem, using a participant’s natural interest in LEGO®. There are different modes of the therapy, including sessions which are either individualised or in small groups. Each session is conducted under the guidance of a qualified therapist.


LEGO® Based Therapy was originally developed for children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, it can be helpful for young people aged 5-16 with other social challenges, such as social anxiety.

About Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a form of behavioural therapy that combines mindfulness skills with the practice of self-acceptance.

Through ACT, young people can learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their inner emotions and, instead, accept that these deeper feelings are appropriate responses to certain situations.

About Brix Therapy

 At brix therapy, we think that building up our emotional and social health is a little like building a brick set - it takes time, resilience and skill.

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